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Tuesday, October 26, 2010




♦ Date of submission:

28th Oct 2010

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assignment in clip file.

Q1. Draw an ER Diagram for Software Company:-
In Software Company there are three categories of Employees: Grade 1, Grade-2 and Grade-3. Employee belongs to different department Employees work on different Project. Department runs various Project.
Design the Database for the above System with the following constraint:-
a. Every entity must have a unique identification number.
b. Employee name must be in upper case.
c. Name of the Project must not be null.
d. Salary of employee must be greater than 15000.
e. In the employee table employee-type must be as follows:
· 'G1for Grade-1 (default).
· 'G2' - for Grade-2.
· 'G3' - for Grade-3.
Q2. Below is the database of a Super Market ( An organization).( reate following tables and answer the queries based on these tables:-
1. List the name of employee having 'A' or 'E' as second letter in their name.
2. Calculate the total quantity of each product supplied by supplier.
3. Increasing the salary of employees of SALES department by 10% and display their names.
4. Display the supplier id and name of all suppliers who do not live in Indore and Nagpur.
5. Display the supplier id and name of all suppliers who live in Delhi or Mumbai.
6. Add a new column Gender in employee table and insert the value in it
7. Display the employee id and name of all employees with their respective department name
8. Count the total number of employees whose salary exceeds by Rs. 20000 in each department.
9. Retrieve the total number of employee in ADVERTISING department.
10. Calculate the average of salary for each department.
11. Create a view on supplier table having any two fields.
12. Create a copy of an existing employee table.
13. Modify the width of the NAME field of supplier table from 15 to 20.
14. Display the name of employee in ascending order.
15. Retrieve the name and phone number of all suppliers who lives Delhi and Mumbai.
16. Retrieve the name and phone number of employees whose salary is greater than 10000.
17. Find the sum of the salaries of all employees of the “SALES' department, as well as the maximum salary, the minimum salary and average salary in the department.
18. List the date of manufacturing in descending order.
19. Create a new user U1 and give the permission of select on Employee table of Scott to Ul.
20. Revoke the above permission from Ul.
Q3. Write a PL/SQL block of code to calculate the factorial of a gives number.
Q4. Write a PL/SQL block of code to print the table of a given number.
Q5.Write PL/SQL code block to show the following pattern:
* *
* * *
* * * *
* * * * *
Q6. Write a PL/SQL code block to calculate the area of a circle for value of radius varying from 5 to 15.Store the radius and the corresponding values of calculated area in a table AREAS containing attributes Radius, Area.
Q7. Write a PL/SQL block of code for generating the Fibonacci series.


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