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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Friday, March 25, 2011

Data Structure C Program of Stack

Data Structure C Program of Stack: 25 March 2011

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blu-Ray Discs expand to 128GB

BluRay logo rev Blu Ray Discs expand to 128GB

Blu-Ray Disk Association unleashed new BDXL™ (High Capacity Recordable and Rewritable discs) and IH-BD (Intra-Hybrid discs) in Los Angeles on April 3rd (Indian Time : 4th April 2010, 1PM).

BDXL™ will provide storage capacity up to 128GB for write-once and 100GB for re-writable disks. This Capacity was achieved by incorporating three to four recordable layers. These discs are mainly aimed for commercial segments such as broadcasting, medical, document imaging enterprises and other companies with significant Archiving needs.

The Intra-Hybrid Blu-ray Disc (IH-BD) incorporates single BD-ROM Layer with a single BD-RE Layer so as to enable the user to view, but not overwrite, critical published data along with flexibility to include relevant personal data on the same physical disc. These discs will be useful for consumer specific applications where there is a need for combining published content with related user data. Both the ROM and the RE layers on these discs will provide capacity of 25GB.

Both these disc are targeted for specific market segments. They will also need new hardware (a firmware upgrade wouldn’t also work) since they go up to three or four layers deep thus will likely need a more powerful laser.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Types of Virus(interesting fact)

Types of Virus(interesting fact)

I know that you people are awaire about biological Viruses and their categorization. In the similar manner computer viruses are also categorise as par their behaviour toward Systems.

Their has been a continuous arm race between virus writers and the writers of anti virus software since Virus first appeared. As effective countermeasure has been developed for existing types of Viruses, New types has been developed.
Some popular types-

Parasitic Virus-> The traditional and still the most common form of Virus.A parasitic Virus attaches it self executable files and replicates when the infected program is executed, by finding other executable file to infect.

Memory-Resident Virus-> Lodges in main memory as part of a resident system program from that point on the Virus infects every program that executes.

Boot Sector Virus-> Infects a master boot record or boot record and spreads when a system is booted from the disk containing the Virus.

Stealth Virus-> A form of Virus explicitly designed to hide itself from detection by anti virus software.

Polymorphic Virus-> A Virus that mutates with every infection, making detection by the “signature” of the Virus in impossible.

Metamorphic Virus-> As with a Polymorphic Virus, a Metamorphic virus mutates with every infection.The difference is that a metamorphic Virus rewrites it self completely at each iteration.Metamorphic may change their behavior as well as their appearance.

How to Hide video, audio or doc files in a single image file

    How to Hide video, audio or doc files in a single image file

Here is a cool trick of hiding any video, audio or document files inside a jpeg.With the help of this trick you can hide your personal files like word documents, videos, audio files a single image which you can put in anywhere, say, in your wallpapers. Lets see what i'm talking about:

Here's how you can do this>>>

* Choose the files which you wanna hide into the image. In our ex. i want to hide a mp3 file(1.mp3)+an avi file(2.avi)+a word document(3.doc).
* Pick any image(guitar.jpg in our ex.) in which you want to hide your files.
* Create a new folder in C:\, give it a name, say, secret.
* Now put all the files which you wanna hide and also that image file into that folder.

* Now compress the 3 files which you wanna hide using winrar/winzip.

* The archive.rar contains our 3 files. So delete those 3 files from the folder.
* Go to Start>>Run and type cmd.
* Get inside our secret folder.

# We'll be using the following syntax : “copy /b image.jpg + winrar.rar newimagename.jpg” (without quotes).
# In our case the command will be: copy /b guitar.jpg + archive.rar wallpaper.jpg
# Press enter to execute the command.

# You will get a message “1 file(s) copied”.
# Now you will get a wallpaper.jpg file in the secret folder.

* Delete all the files except that newly created jpg file.
* Now right click that wallpaper.jpg file and open it with Winrar.

You can see the 3 files hidden in that jpg file. Now you can simply put this wallpaper.jpg file in a group of image files and no one will notice it.

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