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Tuesday, October 12, 2010



Last date of Submission:
26th OCT 2010

All the following programs must be written using class.
1. WAP to find ‘X’ raise to ‘Y’ without using any in-built function.
2. WAP to swap two numbers using parameterized constructor and destructor.
3. WAP to overload the following operators:-
i. + (Binary Plus) to add two complex number.
ii. ++ (Unary operator).
4. WAP to read set of characteristics using pointers and then print in reverse order.
5. WAP to add two time objects.
6. WAP to find roots of quadratic equation.
7. WAP to print table of a given number upto 10.
8. WAP to count number of vowels in a string.
9. WAP to find the number is even or odd.
10. WAP to find the number is positive or negative.
11. WAP to find the number is prime number or not.
12. WAP to find the area of rectangle, triangle, square and circle.
13. WAP to convert paisa into rupees and vice versa.
14. WAP to print the following pattern:-
* *
* * *
* * * *
15. Create a data file to store roll_no, name and marks in three subjects.
16. WAP to declare a class rectangle which derives from square which in turn derives from shape. Shape takes no parameters, rectangle takes two and square takes only one. Show constructor initialization for square.
17. WAP to find factorial of a number using recursion function.
18. WAP to generate Fibonacci series using copy constructor.
19. WAP to multiply two matrixes.
20. WAP to calculate salary of different employee in an organization:-
Officer: - Basic pay –Rs 4500/-, HRA- 45% of basic pay, DA- 15 %of basic pay.
Clerk: - Basic pay –Rs 2500/-, HRA- 45% of basic pay, DA- 1 5 %of basic pay.
Peon: - Basic pay –Rs 1000/-, HRA- 45% of basic pay, DA- 15 %of basic pay.
21. WAP to display sum of odd numbers between 1 to 100.
22. A company gives the following rates of commission for the monthly sales of the product:-
Below Rs. 15000/-
No commission
Rs. 15001-20000/-
5 %
Rs. 20001-30000/-
10 %
Above Rs. 30000/-
12 %
WAP to read the sales and display the commission.
23. WAP to return more than one values from function. Use call by reference method.
24. WAP to calculate square root of a given number.
25. WAP to sort an array using bubble sorting.

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  1. thanks a lot fot all the information, couldn't have done without you..


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