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Thursday, March 17, 2011

How to Hide video, audio or doc files in a single image file

    How to Hide video, audio or doc files in a single image file

Here is a cool trick of hiding any video, audio or document files inside a jpeg.With the help of this trick you can hide your personal files like word documents, videos, audio files a single image which you can put in anywhere, say, in your wallpapers. Lets see what i'm talking about:

Here's how you can do this>>>

* Choose the files which you wanna hide into the image. In our ex. i want to hide a mp3 file(1.mp3)+an avi file(2.avi)+a word document(3.doc).
* Pick any image(guitar.jpg in our ex.) in which you want to hide your files.
* Create a new folder in C:\, give it a name, say, secret.
* Now put all the files which you wanna hide and also that image file into that folder.

* Now compress the 3 files which you wanna hide using winrar/winzip.

* The archive.rar contains our 3 files. So delete those 3 files from the folder.
* Go to Start>>Run and type cmd.
* Get inside our secret folder.

# We'll be using the following syntax : “copy /b image.jpg + winrar.rar newimagename.jpg” (without quotes).
# In our case the command will be: copy /b guitar.jpg + archive.rar wallpaper.jpg
# Press enter to execute the command.

# You will get a message “1 file(s) copied”.
# Now you will get a wallpaper.jpg file in the secret folder.

* Delete all the files except that newly created jpg file.
* Now right click that wallpaper.jpg file and open it with Winrar.

You can see the 3 files hidden in that jpg file. Now you can simply put this wallpaper.jpg file in a group of image files and no one will notice it.

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